United Kingdom

Some of Our Work

United Kingdom

Identifying a commercialisation partner for a potential prescription to OTC/Consumer switch product.


The client…

Sponsor: President of a UK Operating Company of a global pharma company.

What we did…

Market assessment of migraine (Rx & OTC) including COGS, pricing, marketing costs, to derive KVDs. Undertook discussions with potential partners to better understand their views on issues including likely sales forecasts, pricing, branding, support costs, pack sizes, range, expected COGS etc. Produced comprehensive fact-based, value-chain analyses for different scenarios including negative impact of parallel trade and cannibalisation of prescription sales, valued options with different partners and other variables.

Rolled out the SIM Europe-wide – including production of a Compliance Manual, staff training, communications, and systems support for the new forecasting & product allocation methodology. Developed a new approach for measuring and rewarding true local company performance.


Initiative was curtailed when no sufficiently value-creating scenario could be identified to mitigate against modest risk assumptions to prescription business. Knowledge and understanding of the KVD approach was extended to other areas of the Business looking at OTC/ Consumer opportunities.

The very robust VBM approach revealed the true risks and value destruction that would likely result from such an initiative, as well as prompting us to produce more fact-based OTC sales and marketing cost projections going forward.

President of the UK Operating Company